Marbelous wood

Pernille Snedker Hansen has repurposed traditional marbling to give nordic wood a supernatural, colourful and vibrant pattern.
Created slowly drop by drop on a water surface,  The pattern reflects the growth ring patterns in the natural wood. The unique ornamentation of wood is perceived with renewed visual intensity, and seen as the ornamentation of the wood itself has been enlarged and intensified.
The wooden planks are made one by one, and thus each floor board acquires a unique pattern of coloured stripes.

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We can create custom made colorful furniture to fit your interior vision.

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Snedker Studio is thankful to be able to collaborate world-wide with amazing clients.

We make unique interior surfaces, furniture and artworks for interior architects, brands and private clients.

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Pernille Snedker Hansen enjoys experimenting and making artworks and furnitures for exhibitions.

Pernille Snedker Hansens work links between the world of art and design. Exhibitions are a platform for expression and experimentation. Pernille's work is a process of
discovery and she is continuously developing and adapting her work. Pernille Snedker Hansen shows her work worldwide in both art and design contexts.

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Here you can buy original artworks, limited editions and furniture made by Pernille Snedker Hansen.

If you do not find what your heart desires, then you can commission the perfect art piece for yourself.

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Marbleous Wood is a bespoke product and is made to order.
Marbleous Wood is a one of a kind handmade surface material  and is created using a time consuming process.

Marbelous Wood can only be purchased through Snedker Studio, Denmark.
Please contact to talk about your specific project.

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Pernille Snedker Hansen aims to challenge how we look at and experience the surfaces around us. She founded Snedker Studio, a contemporary design studio based in Copenhagen, and specialises in handcrafted surfaces and commissioned artworks.

In collaboration with natural phenomenon and inspired by traditional craft techniques, Pernille Snedker Hansen transform interiors into immersive artworks.

A culmination of years of experimentation and development, Pernille has re-purposed the traditional craft of marbling. She works directly with its fluid nature to enhance material and create form. Created one drop at the time and resembling a tree growth rings, Pernilles technique responds to naturally occurring patterns

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