SNEDKER STUDIO, located a stones throw from the sea, is a contemporary design studio based in Copenhagen created by Pernille Snedker Hansen

Pernille Snedker Hansen is the creator of Snedker Studio, she is a designer and artist who challenges how we look at the surfaces around us. Created one drop at the time and resembling a tree growth rings, Pernilles technique responds to naturally occurring patterns.

A culmination of years of experimentation and development, Pernille has re-purposed the traditional craft of marbling. She has among others received a Wallpaper Design Award in 2012 and exhibits her work in conjunction with the Danish Crafts Council.

Marbelous wood

Commission work

marbelous wood refraction installation


The Process


Artworks on paper

About Snedker Studio

About snedker studio

Marbelous Walls