The Creative process

It is a process of repetition, and letting go of predefined structures to create formations of its own right.

'In search of visual phenomena in nature like structures of wood, grain, patterns of growth, Pernille Snedker Hansen sets out to experiment with techniques to imitate and magnify nature. Organic processes become scripts for the artist’s movements with her tools: water, numerous small bottles filled with various colours, wood, paper and a careful choice of colour combinations; combing through materialised occurrences like a colour drop spreading in the water basin,

pushed away from its inner circle to the edge by the next drop falling into it. What happens is partly calculation, partly chance, loosing the artist’ hold on the process but at the same time being incredible aware and highly concentrated on the evolution of formation....

by Miriam Kathrein, Curator and Writer 

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The Making of 'Refraction'

year 2013

Video is made by Danish Crafts 2013 
in connection with the exhibition MINDCRAFT13

Milan Design Week 2013.
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The video was filmed during the making of 'Refraction'

Both the form of the parquet floor and the applied pattern & colours are inspired by the refraction of light through a prism, a graduating colour scale from one colour to the next.

Marbelous Wood tells a story about time. Each print on the wood captures a unique frozen moment within the process. Produced one drop of colour after another, ring by ring, the pattern is constructed on the water surface. The final result is a reflection of the annual rings of wood.

The making of 'Marbelous Wood'

Year 2011

Video is made by the Danish Biennale for Crafts and Design 2011 exhibition.

Marbelous Wood was nominated for the Biennial Prize.


The jury’s statement: ”The very idea is striking. To marble an entire floor, using an old and almost forgotten technique to vitalise a simple pinewood floor and turn it into a powerful visual, almost psychedelic experience – now, that is truly remarkable and worthy of recognition! With a huge work effort, the designer adds synthetic, caramel-like marbling to the humble pinewood, thus turning this plain Nordic raw material into a valuable object that one yearns to own and see unfolded on floors and walls"