Cabin Cover

‘Cabin Cover’ is a wall panelling installation





Danish Craft
Crafts Collection 16

Asp wall panel
Mabling pattern
Acrylics, Lacquer

6,5cm x 100cm,
(each board)

‘Cabin Cover’ from the Marbelous Wood series, which was included in Danish Crafts Collection CC15, interweaves a dream of a cabin in the forest and an old book with a marbled cover. The hand-decorated wood panels also tell a story about the process of marbling, rendering the traditional craft three-dimensional and capable of covering a space.

Patterns are created using the traditional aqueous surface design technique of marbling, traditionally a technique from bookbinding, which has been re-purposed and turned into a three-dimensional surface for interior design purposes. The designer makes the wood panels one at a time and by hand.

'Cabin Cover' comes in 3 different color scales.

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