Nominated at the Danish Biennale for Crafts & Design 2011


Pinewood flooring, Marbling Pattern, Lacquer


45 m2 (13,5 x 40 cm pr. board)


Brown or Green colourscale.


Pernille Snedker Hansen has repurposed an old marbling technique giving nordic wood a supernatural, organic, colourful and vibrant pattern. 

Created slowly drop by drop on a watersurface, the pattern reflects the growthring patterns in the natural wood. The unique ornamentation of wood is perceived with renewed visual intensity, and seen as the ornamentation of the wood itself has been enlarged and intensified.

The wooden planks are made one by one, and thus each floor board acquires a unique pattern of coloured stripes. Pernille Snedker Hansen has combined the traditions of marbling from the bookbinding profession with the traditional Scandinavian pinewood floor, creating a wooden floor that forms a never-ending array of details and colour combinations at one’s feet. In Pernille Snedker Hansen’s own words: ’ As the eye moves across the floor and further into the horizon, the details blur, which leads to a calmer and more natural, monochrome surface.’

Marbelous Wood_Stripe was part of the installation at the Danish Biennal for Crafts & Design 2011.